space is limited. you don't want to miss this!

We may have gone virtual for this session, but our program will still transform you.  Join us starting June 17th for a 4 week session just for YOU.
Body Back® is a one-of-a kind fitness  and nutrition program for moms.
Body Back® is NOT about getting your 19-year-old "body back". 

Body Back® is about empowering your mind and body, taking time to care for YOU, regaining your self-confidence, sanity, and true self, and setting and achieving your fitness and health goals. 
Body Back® teaches you how to exercise and how to eat. It also helps you gain strength and build endurance. Our program has been clinically proven in a university study to help moms achieve their fitness goals.
In other words, we are not just another bootcamp.
Twice Weekly HIIT Workouts 
(LIVE Virtual)
Weekly Accountability Check-Ins
Nutritional & Recipe Guides with Simple Snacks & Meals
Meal Planning & Food Journaling with your Coach

Dedicated to the Strength in Motherhood
Our instructors are here for more than just delivering an awesome workout.  They are moms like you dedicated to educating you, lifting you up, giving you that extra push to achieve your goals. 

Dear Mama,
Your day is filled with taking care of everyone, except yourself.  You are always on the go, your energy is low, and you'd like for your clothes to fit again. You'd also 
like to eat healthier food, cook healthier meals for your family, and finally lose the baby weight. 

We know what it's like to be sleep deprived, eat leftovers from our kids' plates, no longer fit our pre-baby clothes, and want to exercise but have no idea how to fit it in.  We also know what it's like to finally take control of our time, prioritize our health and exercise regularly. 

Through these struggles, we have learned that in order to change you need a plan and accountability!

With Body Back, you get BOTH.
There is no better time to spend some time on YOU, mama!
Here's what Body Back Includes:
4 week small group session starts june 9th
  • Before & After Fitness Assessments
  • Digital Recipes & Online Nutrition Inspiration
  • Live Virtual HIIT Training Classes Twice a Week 
  • Digital Library Full of BONUS Workouts
  • ​Exclusive Facebook Group for Sharing & Connecting
  • ​Weekly Emails + Progress Check-Ins
  • ​Individual Effort + Accountability Tracking with your Coach
Are you ready, Mama?!
Let's Get Started.


What if I can't attend the Live Virtual Workout?
Don't worry! While
we want you there live, all workouts  will be recorded, plus you'll have access to our Virtual Digital Library!

How do you track my effort?
We use a series of challenges and check-ins to tracker your level of participation. If you follow instructions, you will see the 
results you want. It's simple.

What if I have to travel during part  of the session?
The great thing about our virtual sessions is you can tune in from ANYWHERE on any device!

Do I have to have to be a mom?
No, you don't. However, you must be comfortable being around and working out with moms. This program is designed for moms specifically, so it is mom-centric

I just had a baby, can I do Body
We recommend your baby be
at least 6 months old before your enroll into Body Back®.

Can I attend only one live virtual class per week?
We want you to get the most
you can out of the program, and that requires attending class twice a week unless you are committed to an additional digital workout.
The thought of joining Body Back was scary. I had not exercised in awhile. The atmosphere at class is all about being strong and learning how to take care of yourself so then you can take care of your family! Which I love!! I had such a positive feeling about this group that I am signing up for a third session!! 
Ann D.
I was so nervous about joining Body Back. I was out of shape and I knew it. These women did not laugh at me or judge me. [They] supported me and shared their struggles with me.  I have learned to eat healthier and incorporate activity into my days. I set goals and I pushed myself and showed up. And it worked!!! 
Leaann H. 
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